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  1. sage123


    herro my name is sage, thanks for 1 month license frerereeee
  2. i just reinstalled windows off usb (v1803) i was in the middle of a game and got kicked, meaning the cheat is detected, so now we have 2 problems ----the cheat is detected --the spoofer isnt working properly
  3. yeah i already got 1803 and 1607 iso installed im just gonna do 1803
  4. @Marvelwhich did you do, reinstall windows off a usb, or did u just use the windows clean option
  5. i used darkcleaner, used tmac, used cheetos, made new account, i am running eac
  6. kicked after i play one game, the next game is bus kick insta
  7. kicked after i play 1 game @penguin
  8. why has it been several days but i can only play one game on fortnite cheat then banned?