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  1. Maybe one day, as for now, It has not been done yet too my knowledge..
  2. I'm not quite sure on what you mean by the obvious thing to make it available in my area? even if i used a vpn if that's what you're referring to, i would still have 250+ ping due to me living in Australia.
  3. Sales are closed atm, wait till v2 comes out and then sales will be re-opened.
  4. Don't advertise other products that is not ub3r and @Eminem You should have tried unplugging/removing a ram stick when you installed a windows on your m.2, my mate did that and it fixed his hwid ban
  5. Yes spoof before installing fortnite
  6. no no if you look at my past ticket he said "d" so I thought it was reset but when i reformatted and I tried to launch spoofer.exe I was banned. So therefore either I have to be banned on the client first to be unbanned or i was never resetted. Most likely I gotta be banned first huh. When i submitted it I wasn't banned I just didn't reformat yet.

  7. With the hyper visor off yes
  8. if you don't wanna risk getting it banned, don't cheat on it, simple ?
  9. Roast on top of roast... ??
  10. The dev is working on fixes, don't worry ?