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  1. For all you dumbasses who haven't figured it out yet, https://shadow.tech $35 a month & it takes less than 10 minutes usually to reset if you get banned. And as a plus, it'll be better than 90% of all you skrubs' PCs. If it isn't available in your area, then do the obvious thing so that it IS available "in your area".
  2. Pie

    800k viewss

    So... let me just get this straight, you're bragging about them being able to half ass troll you? I mean honestly.... they weren't trying......
  3. Your cheat login is HWID locked to your device.
  4. I mean don't go getting butthurt or anything now Also don't shit talk where you don't belong lol.
  5. Pie

    109 Kill Game

    Not suggested
  6. ? I mean atleast know what you are talking about before hand trying to roast, that is rule #1
  7. Pie

    109 Kill Game

    OG Skull btw
  8. Before trying to correct someone, understand what you are trying to correct first. GPU stands for graphics PROCESSING unit. A GPU is still a processor.
  9. Simply search "ub3r fortnite" or "Ayyware fortnite" on youtube.
  10. No, if you need help on anything there are plenty of videos, screenshots, and more. If you have questions ask support not me.
  11. There is bone selection for a reason, you can make it hit body shots even with silent.
  12. Not particularly, if you aim near, or use smoothness, they will think it is just the camera delay.
  13. Very true, I paid 60 for mine.
  14. Pie


    Wassup , I'm the Dude of Pie. Just a nobody.