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  1. swoon

    Ub3r back

    Out of curiosity, do we get our time back for being a previous customer after quitting? lol
  2. How broke are you needing to scam people for money for Fortnite Cheats? Pathetic.
  3. @The Llama HunterHere is a scammer @The Llama [email protected]
  4. If you read the forum they quit selling as of now... You have to be a current customer in order to purchase.
  5. Hi there all, decided to sell many different accounts if you're interested. Our prices are here:Prices What we offer: Products If interested into purchasing, please click here Since somethings wrong with our database (we will fix) orders have to be done manually. Once you purchase through the website, please PM me your username and PayPal email therefore I can verify your account. Note, the accounts can be active or inactive. They don't come with the original email. They are phished and / or cracked accounts. Therefore once you purchase, the account is not our responsibility.
  6. No problem. Tried Selly, however in order to do this, this would require many different stores on one account. I'm looking for a "licensed" system. Where you can sell many things under one product.
  7. swoon

    Fortnite hacking ;)

    Been using the cheat for a couple days, already fell in love. Here's a video. Yes, the Galaxy account is a real account, yes there's 9,500 VBUCKS on the account. I'm that confident in UB3R lol Plus the accounts cracked. If you're wanting accounts with skins, please click this link: The video:
  8. I sent you a free account as a vouch copy, I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
  9. Sure I can help you. Send me a PM.
  10. ah that's a good idea. Never thought of that, thank you.
  11. Always willing negotiate. How about you throw me a number? ?
  12. I have many Fortnite accounts available. Note they're CRACKED. There's no warranty. Once you sign into them, they're yours. Guaranteed to have skins, asking $5.00 a piece. Willing to give 5 vouch copies to customers, staff, or someone with a reputation. If you aren't any of those, please don't bother asking for one.