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  1. Same. You would need to create a support ticket to get unbanned.
  2. If you haven't done so already, please create a support ticket here: https://ub3r.in/forums/support/
  3. Not possible I'm afraid; this is done to avoid account sharing. If you reset your pc, simply create a support ticket so staff can review your request.
  4. lol I saw some people participate in it yesterday.
  5. Never use it on your main account. Period.
  6. CEO

    OK who was that

    Hilarious video lmfaooo
  7. Create a support ticket so we can further assist you: https://ub3r.in/forums/support/
  8. Spoofer does not unban accounts; simply changes/spoofes your hardware ID (hwid) thus allowing you to play again. It's also suggested to not play on your main account; should always create a new account.
  9. I couldn't agree more, I like this battle pass way more than season 5.
  10. Nice work, would definitely like to see some FN vids.
  11. CEO


    Good idea, I think we should.
  12. Nice video man, I know those spectators were mad as hell Lol
  13. This is a fantastic idea, love it!
  14. CEO

    HWID Reset

    Edit: My HWID has been reset, thank you!
  15. CEO

    Loot Lake

    Have you guys seen the new loot lake? Thoughts?