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  1. Cool ? And what's AntiOS? Where can I get it from? Please help ?
  2. Has anyone tried these steps to see if its HWID bypass?
  3. rick

    800k viewss

    @Blank So, is it better to use EAC? when we are using cheats?
  4. rick


    @The Llama Hunter , you play on your main account? No ban yet?
  5. lmao... yesterday he sent me message, asking me to buy the cheat. lol... good that i m waiting for my salary to arrive ?
  6. rick

    Fortnite Hacking

    Oi Snickers, Nice video man. Just asking if you have been banned yet? Or it's all good?
  7. rick

    Fortnite hacking ;)

    Just wondering, Have you got banned yet? And people might have reported you i guess.
  8. rick

    OK who was that

    Oi CrownWins, Just wondering if you have been banned yet or no ? Cause he reported you.
  9. Hey, Actually my real account bad I think. I don't think it's hardware or IP ban, as I created another account and was able to play with that account without getting kicked after leaving the bus. Also, it's not a permanent account ban as it gives the error message "you have been removed from the match due to.... (have a look at the attached picture )". https://imgur.com/a/bekw97F Was wondering that will I be able to use the spoofer to unban my original account showing this error or not?
  10. Hey guys, I need to buy fortnite cheat. Have messaged some staff, but they might be not online/busy. Can anyone suggest me how to do it? I don't have bitcoin, but can use PayPal or Credit Card. Thanks