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  1. i bought a week. regret not buying the month lol
  2. had my techy friend set it up for me, he said with this cheat id be good to just run it as it is. there are directions to reset hwid bans or what not within the cheat. the layout is a little cramped. but i also cheat on a throw away laptop...
  3. dont quote me on this but i BELIEVE the the spoofer starts up again with the cheat. and its not automatic you message support and they do it
  4. Super easy, great program, and very easy to restart it. takes minimal time. first fortnite cheat ive had and ill be sticking around for awhile!
  5. im hoping that support is able to handle this and compensate in any way! i really want to continue using this cheat, but lost close to 180 USD from GreenBeans.
  6. badass cheats!!! will def be getting more time! just make sure you buy from llama!!
  7. i see settings to turn on XBT1 is that xbox trigger 1 by chance?
  8. It seems as if @GreenBeans is no longer in the group of " Re-Seller " oof
  9. yes from greenbeans who is under the group of Reseller thru this website.
  10. Purchased from a Re-Seller, Wondering how long you guys have waited for access?