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  1. aww nononononono lasagna is the best
  2. if they hwid ban your spoofed id then yes.
  3. Snickers

    Skin Chaner

    is that a fucking Llama on ur head?
  4. +1 it's a Good idea but not sure if they would add it.
  5. how tf do i check my uid?
  6. Snickers


    welcome fellow gamer
  7. like penguin said, u should use TMAC and spoof ur mac address then make a new account.
  8. i was banned before i first used this cheat and the spoofer worked
  9. im HWID banned and it works fine for me.
  10. Hi i'm sniccers i'm 15 years old and i'm from sweden, i got a siberian husky which is cute af but also annoying, i like motorsport, mcdonalds and snickers. i'm a small youtuber with almost 8000 subscribers yeet. my fav food is lasagna with cheese, i hack in video games because shits fun