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Red4zx last won the day on October 30 2018

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  1. Red4zx

    Ub3r back

    Bastion check my ticket xd
  2. https://github.com/vektort13/antiOS
  3. @nate818181 @zukos this isn’t patched at all , just in order to use it , u don’t have to open "spoof.bat" 3 times , Here the steps of what u guys need to do, 1-(Reset steps): Wipe with diskpart all your HDD and SSD -> Install Windows -> Update windows -> Install Tmac ( Change your macs ) - > Download AntiOS ( Open VolumeId64 as admin and agree with the license , then open antiOS.bat and type Y to all ) -> Go to start and type services Disable the service Superfetch and stop the service, 2-open CMD as admin, cd into your spoofer folder , when u are in, Type "spoof.bat spoof.sys" 3 times and make sure u HWID and all is changed. -Red4zx
  4. lmao selling global with the name of FXCHEATS and for 30 when the real price is 5$??? LOL
  5. Hypershits.gg staff said ayyware is a pasted cheat when Joanna already exposed himself saying that they have ayyware's source and pasting the silent aim , spoofer and the hyper bone *Here is a pic of what the staff do when u are trying to expose them*
  6. Make the website forums invite only
  7. Red4zx


    A private discord only for customers
  8. +rep me or i kill u boiiii xd
  9. What spoofer method should i use? 1 or 2?